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How can I make my workforce e-competent?

Welcome to clevespace interactive!


Welcome to our world of digital bliss!

  • clevespace interactive is an award winning provider of web and application hosting products and services.

  • learn how we can extend a complete suite of branded ASP services to web-enable your business customers.

  • Generate powerful websites through Microsoft® Windows NT® and Internet Information Server® 4.0 and add tremendous functionality to your site.


clevespace.com is a worldwide leader in virtual web hosting and dedicated server solutions.  We give your site the attention it deserves to easily develop a unique and winning presence on the World Wide Web.  We specialize in the latest hosting technologies and offer them at an affordable price.  

We can help you to offer dynamic content through services such as Active Server Pages, Cold Fusion, SQL Server and Visual Interdev 6.0.

clevespace.com is actively seeking resellers.  Whether you want to establish your own company to sell our services, or you want to act as an authorized agent, we have a plan for you.


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